The Current Move Towards Mandatory Reporting

Current moves in government may lead to prosecuting any professional involved with children who appears to have not reported a suspicion of child sex abuse. But is this the right approach? Will it protect the children?.

The Exploitation of Children on the Internet

Is the act of viewing pornography involving children merely a prelude to committing such physical acts on children. And what about the children whose lives may be ruined because they are being exploited on the internet?.

What is the Best Way to Treat Paedophiles?

There are many ways in which we might try to stop sex offences against our children, but which is the best way forward?

Can Child Sex Abuse ever be Stopped?

Adults committing sexual acts with children has occurred throughout the centuries, at least as far back as the Romans. But has anyone ever tried to stamp it out? What are the factors that might create such a reform?.
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