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Lack of redress in the Timms case.


The key moment in the Timms case, when the Church really stated it intransigent position, was  in June 2017 when the Senior legal adviser to the Methodist Church, Louise Wilkins, sent a letter to Rev Timms stating that any further letters from him would be placed in a file, unread and not replied to.


Peter Timms submitted this letter to a very senior member of the Church, seeking  advice. That person wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals. That personís  report is nevertheless damning.


Click here to see the Wilkins letter.


Click here to see the critique of that letter.


This practice of not listening to such an objection is in direct conflict with standing orders concerning errors.






This document is written in line with Standing Order 1100 which demands openness in dealing in the Methodist Church


-Peter Hill



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